Joshua Deeks

Founding Consultant.

Joshua, who prefers to be called Josh, is an enterprising financial services professional who has devoted almost his entire career to Compliance, Risk Management and Financial Crime Prevention. Joshua has a exceptionally high performing track record having performed 'head of' duties for over half a decade, including temporarily holding SMF16 and SMF17. Josh has spent time working at financial services firms established over 200 years ago where the culture was dedicated to first class customer service. More recently, Josh moved into the Fintech space to share his time-honed expertise with those looking to do things in a new way. In full partnership with the commercial strategy, he built a department which took traditional ideas and transformed them into innovative and high performing processes making the very best usage of cutting edge tech. Since November 2019, Josh has been in charge of financial crime prevention for the UK market of N26 as well as performing additional duties across the global organisation. Josh combines his deeply technical knowledge with his love for tech and business innovation to embody the modern age compliance officer.


Stephen Trimmer

Founding Consultant

A versatile and achievement focussed risk and compliance professional, Stephen, who much prefers Steve, is able to take a commercial, pragmatic and practical approach, working with our clients as a trusted adviser. Steve has broad financial services experience gained over more than two and a half decades of practice. Steve has a variety of perspectives and a strong understanding of the Financial Conduct Authority handbook, regulatory expectations and can provide fresh solutions to regulatory challenges. Steve has also held regulatory positions, most notably with 6 years continuous tenure as CF28 with Enterprise Group. Steve also spent 3 years with PwC and most recently he has been working with N26, responsible for compliance in the UK market. Steve is a master collaborator who combines the need for great commercial results with the fundamental need for great customer outcomes.


Hero Deeks

Chief Morale Officer

Hero is unashamedly a people person. He is unreservedly friendly but most importantly, the most supportive pup that you will come across. In building the Edmund Group, our Founding Consultants spent many a late night focussing on how to best serve our clients and Hero was there every step of the way, albeit sometimes napping and reminding our founders of the importance of sleep. Hero makes sure his calendar is free for every client meeting just in case our clients wish to meet the energy behind the company, simply ask to see him.