Choose Excellence.

About the Edmund Group.

You have seen the headlines about Fintechs, Unicorns, Regtechs and you have been inspired. You have a great idea to revolutionise financial services and now all you need is a little help. We would love to be that help.

 We are experts in downside risk. We help our clients to think about risk management, compliance and financial crime prevention from day one in full synergy with business strategy. We do this so that they can proactively protect their businesses by making sound commercial decisions that balance risk and rewards. Our clients love us because we help them to avoid falling foul of the very high standards in the Financial Services sector and ultimately, prevent unwarranted negative news headlines.

We have very high standards of delivery. We believe that it is okay to compromise on cost, but it is never okay to compromise on quality. John Ruskin once said "Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort."

We are the Edmund Group and we hope you choose excellence. 

Choose Action.

Our Mission Statement.

The Edmund Group was founded with the sole purpose of enriching the financial services marketplace for the betterment of customer experiences. We do this by collaborating with our clients, all of whom are exceptional entrepreneurs or ambitious Fintechs to combine our expertise with their passion for innovation. We provide high quality strategic advisory services rooted in a deep technical understanding of compliance, risk and financial crime disciplines honed through over a decade of experience. Our mission is to deliver all of the above at a fair price point that works for the individual needs of each of our clients and in honesty, to make a living ourselves in the process. 

We promise that we will always take ample time to get to know each and every one of our clients, whether you require an ad hoc a 1 hour workshop or a 12 month retainer.

We hope to inspire, engage and encourage action. 

Choosing the Edmund Group as your point of support is to choose action. 

Choose Character.

Our Core Values.

At the Edmund Group, we believe in the strength of an idea. We primarily work with Entrepreneurs, Startups and Fintechs who have very different and diverse ideas but all share one same common goal: to protect their businesses against shock.

We love that you are passionate about your ideas, that is why we will spend time, totally free of charge, getting to know you and your business. Brief disclaimer, you are likely going to have to excuse us for our excitement about your venture.

Importantly, and fundamentally, we believe that access to expert consultancy should not come with a £120,000+ salary commitment for a seasoned compliance and/or risk executive. Nor should you need to pay a £1500 day rate. We know our help is needed but we also know that you need to manage costs. So we have worked hard to develop a unique pricing model that makes access to consultancy through the Edmund Group much more accessible. Additionally, we are not salespeople and we believe in the full transparency of our fees. That is why we publish our full fee tariff right here on the website. No need to inquire, until you are sure that you wish to choose character.

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